DVDs - The Full Series of Tractor Ted



The full series of Tractor Ted DVDs, including the latest edition to the collection ......... Goes Farming!

20 DVD titles covering Seasons, Machines and Animals. (Please note that Tractor Ted Goes Milking, Grows Potatoes and Makes Bread DVD's have been discontinued)

Buy the full set of DVD's and save over £35!  Individual price £179.90   Now: £140.00

From our experience most children who watch one of Tractor Ted's real life farming films will want to watch every title there is! So why not save yourself over £35 by getting the full set all at once.  The set makes a wonderful big gift as a Christmas or Birthday present or pop them away and get them out one at a time.  We know how much viewing fun the full set of DVDs will give your kiddies.  And just think of all the wonderful discoveries they will make about where good food comes from, the excitement of the countryside and all about the animals on the farm.

Set Includes

Seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Machines - Massive Machines, All About Harvesters, Down at The River, Diggers and Dumpers, Big Machines, More Big Machines, Mighty Maize Machines, All About Tractors

Animals - Meets Baby Animals, Meets the Animals Animals, Meets More Animals, Showtime, Meets the Horses

Food -  Farm Visit 1, Farm Visit 2 *previously titled Harvests Vegetables*

Mini Series - Goes Farming

(All Tractor Ted DVD's are set to PAL region 0)

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