Tractor Ted Children's Books ... perfect for young children with lots to see and lots to learn!

Tractor Ted, everyone's favourite little green tractor, is a loveable children’s character who captivates, entertains and educates young children with his exciting stories of real life farm adventures and discovery.

The hit series of Tractor Ted Children’s Books cover real life stories about farming and the countryside and have become a ‘must have’ in young children’s and parents lives!

The new range of story books have become a big hit for bedtime stories and reading out loud! Fabulous Farm Shop recently reviewed: "This week I thought I'd try Tractor Ted's 'Who Goes Moo?' story book. I say TRY because to sit my 'very busy' 3 year old nephew down quietly for more than 2 minutes is no mean feat! WELL, blow me down, a miracle occurred, he was immediately engrossed! It's educational, engaging and entertaining and I have to admit, a really fun read. Tractor Ted stories bring REAL farm adventures to life and it's easy to see why this little green tractor is already loved by millions of children".

Have a look at some of our firm favourites including Time for Bed, Who Goes Moo? and Little Lost Lamb or grab yourself a Magic Painting Book which is perfect for 'on the go' entertainment or how about picking up our latest Colouring Book... perfect Tractor Ted entertainment!