Kids' Dvds & Childrens' Real Life Films

Tractor Ted now has 18 titles in his selection of kids DVDs, available for your child's immediate enjoyment! These Children's movies with cartoon Tractor Ted are perfect for kids' ranging all the way from babies and infants to young Children who want to be a part of Tractor Ted's fantastic real life farming adventures.

Tractor Ted's DVDs are a wonderful and educational introduction to life on the very real and modern working farms in Great Britain today. Highly entertaining and informative Kids films captivating young Children with animation and cartoons combined with real video footage of Machines, Animals, Seasons and Foods.

All Tractor Ted's Children's films feature a wide range of exciting characters telling real stories, from huge tractors and big machines to cuddly and clever animals. These fun characters always find themselves involved in a wide variety of farmyard situations, from muck spreading (in Meets The Animals) to collecting grass silage and harvesting the Maize with the forage harvester (in Mighty Maize Machine).

Its non-stop fun and adventure down on the farm; Tractor Ted can hardly contain his excitement as he shows the viewers around the farm, introducing them to all of his friends. All the while educating them about how the farm works, how Ted's friends (the different machines and animals) all play their part in the successful running of the farm. Often one of Ted's friends will have a starring role in one of the cartoon films too.

Whilst all of Ted's DVDs (Digital Versatile Discs) are informative and educational they are also great fun holding your Child's attention with great stories and narrative including lots of funny bits and songs to sing along to such as the wonderful 'I Love Tractors' (as featured in 'All About Tractors') and many more.

In one of our latest DVD releases called 'All About Tractors' we get taken on a trip to the New Holland Farm where the tractors are made. We then see them all in action carrying out the many and varied jobs which farmers need to use Tractors for, from lifting and pulling to spraying and digging, it's non stop action packed machine fun that young kids just love. Whilst all this is going on poor old Les has a problem back at the farmyard, he will probably need to use his Kids Tool Set Kit to help with the repairs.

Also look out for our special limited edition seasonal releases such as our Christmas Special that featured a wonderful trip to meet the Reindeer getting ready for their busiest time of the year, the Christmas and festive season. All this and many other adventures you can purchase right now here on our online store usually available for immediate dispatch.

So if you are looking for a fun but educational gift for a child for Birthday, Christmas, Easter or going back to school, whether your a parent, grandparent or a friend, then why not buy them a Tractor Ted DVD, the perfect present full of farmyard fun?