Tractor Ted DVD Clips

Watch the Tractor Ted DVD clips and get a real 'taster' into what each DVD includes!

There really is plenty of real life farming fun with Tractor Ted!

Tractor Ted


Tractor Ted
All About Tractors

The one with...

  • Building a tractor
  • Tractors at work
  • Tractors big and small
  • Les fixes a water leak

Tractor Ted visits the New Holland factory to see how tractors are made.

Take a look at Les’s tractor to see how it works and then it’s off to the farm to see some of jobs that tractors can do including towing, mowing, baling and loading! Some jobs are even quite smelly!

all about tractors

Tractor Ted
All About Harvesters

The one with...

  • Combine Harvester
  • Forager Harvester
  • Sugar Beet Harvester

Tractor Ted shows us lots of huge harvesters and the food that they harvest for us and all the animals.

Farmer Tom is busy at work on the farm getting in the maize. Luckily the children are there to save the day!

So many massive machines including combine harvester, forager harvester, sugar beet harvester and more.

all about tractors

Tractor Ted All About Haversters

Tractor Ted
Big Machines

The one with...

  • Excavator
  • Large combine header
  • Big grain lorries
  • Concrete mixer

Tractor Ted visits an enormous arable farm in East Anglia to see some of the big machines at work harvesting the wheat. There is so much grain to store that a new barn is needed – watch how it’s built using cement mixers, diggers and loaders.

Sing along to ‘Let’s Go Cultivating’ also found on the Tractor Ted Greatest Hits CD

all about tractors

Tractor Ted
More Big Machines

The one with...

  • Pea harvesters
  • Ploughs
  • Seed drills
  • Fudge the dog gets stuck

Do you know where your peas come from? Tractor Ted visits some huge pea harvesters hard at work in the fields.

Also watch ploughs and seed drills hard at work. Fudge the dog gets stuck but luckily Les is there to help!

all about tractors

Tractor Ted
Massive Machines

The one with...

  • Truly massive machines!
  • Massive muck spreaders
  • Massive sprayer
  • Backwards mowing!
  • Les gets wet (again)!

There are so many massive machines working on the farm. Come and see tractors with huge wheels or caterpillar tracks as big as a car. There are two massive muck spreaders working too. Farmer Tom and Milly are collecting Jack from his friend's dairy farm where Les is helping out. Watch out Les, there's water about!

all about tractors

Tractor Ted Massive Machines

Tractor Ted
Mighty Maize Machine

The one with...

  • Cow & sheep dairies
  • Forage harvester
  • Les forgetting something

Tractor Ted visits two farms – one is a cow dairy and the other is a sheep dairy!

He meets the amazing forage harvester which is busy making silage from the grass and maize.

Sing along to the harvesting song.

Meanwhile Les forgets something rather important!

all about tractors

Diggers & Dumpers

The one with...

  • Diggers and Dumpers work together in the quarry
  • Digger plus ‘I am an Excavator’ song
  • Huge diggers work on the river

Tractor Ted takes us to see some amazing diggers and dumpers at work. The huge excavators are at work in the quarry and we see an enormous explosion. It’s then down to the river to see them clearing the banks.

The children have a tricky job trying the catch the lambs.

all about tractors


Tractor Ted
Meets the Animals

The one with...

  • Straw choppers and feed wagons
  • Muck spreading
  • Pigs, cows and sheep
  • Les forgets to shut the gate

Tractor Ted takes us to meet and learn how to care for animals on the farm. There are pigs, cows, foals and sheep. Lots of machines are needed including straw choppers, feed wagons and muck spreaders.

all about tractors

Tractor Ted
Meets More Animals

The one with...

  • Telehandler
  • Buffalo, alpaca & wild boar
  • Fudge stealing a sandwich

Tractor Ted visits a farm with some unusual farm animals including buffalo, wild boar and alpacas.

There are lots of great machines too including a telehandler getting new tyres and the combine that runs into a spot of bother. Watch out Les as Fudge the dog is after your sandwich!

all about tractors

Tractor Ted
Meets Baby Animals

The one with…

  • Newborn lambs in the barn
  • Calves being fed and piglets snuggled in their bed
  • Big machinery hard at work
  • New songs including ‘Lambs’ and ‘Piglets’

Tractor Ted takes us on a tour of the farm by Fudge the dog who is full of excitement – but why? Is it the piglets all snuggled in their bed, the calves being fed, or the newborn lambs in the barn that she is desperate for Tractor Ted to see? Some exciting machines are hard at work too including the JCB, tractors and the delivery of a brand new telehandler.

all about tractors

Tractor Ted
Meets the Horses

The one with...

  • Harrow & quad bike
  • Horse Swimming Pool
  • Hay-Making
  • Billy getting soaked

Tractor Ted takes a trip to meet some racehorses. Filmed with the help of Clare Balding, we see behind the scenes at Kingsclere racing stables home of the famous Derby winner, Mill Reef. See the horses on the gallops, having a bath and even one swimming!

Out in the fields the hay is being made with big machines including mowers, turners and balers. 

all about tractors

Tractor Ted
It's Showtime

The one with...

  • Washing cows
  • Children showing animals
  • Tractors with rollers
  • Stunt display

It’s Showtime and Tractor Ted joins the excitement of the Royal Bath & West Show and gets to meet new farm machines and animals on show.

There are cows, sheep and pigs and we even meet kids showing their animals. Stunt riders amaze with their tricks and a sheep dog finds some unusual animals to round up

all about tractors

Tractor Ted
Farm Visit 1

(previously known as Organic)

The one with...

  • Lazy weeder
  • Clover mowing
  • Oat harvesting
  • Composting

Tractor Ted visits the organic farm of Helen Browning who heads up the Soil Association. We get to see how to weed a field and grow vegetables. Deep clover beds are harvested and we get to see some great mini beasts amongst the crops.

all about tractors

Tractor Ted
Farm Visit 2

(previously known as 'Harvests Vegetables)

The one with...

  • Cabbage & bean harvesting
  • Vegetable gardening
  • Carrot cake baking
  • Les getting a puncture

Tractor Ted learns all about vegetables. How do you harvest a field of cabbages and what machines are used to harvest beans?

Includes the Tractor Ted Carrot Cake recipe – delicious!  

all about tractors


Tractor Ted
Down at the River

The one with...

  • Features the floating digger
  • British wildlife including red squirrels, water voles and otters
  • Farmer Tom drives through the river in his tractor

Farmer Tom is busy on the farm. Watch as he drives through the river to feed the cows. Sing along with the massive crane as it lifts the digger high into the air!

We meet some of the animals that live in the countryside – cheeky squirrels, shy water voles and otters who are brilliant swimmers. 

all about tractors


Tractor Ted
Goes Farming

Mini Series format

  • 4 x 10-minute stories featuring...

Two new stories

  • Tractor with Tracks
  • Sow and Grow

Two favourites

  • Build a Tractor
  • Lambing Time

Tractor Ted Goes Farming includes two new exclusive stories - meet some amazing tractors with huge caterpillar tracks in 'Tractor with Tracks' whilst 'Sow and Grow' shows us the fascinating machines used to plant and harvest potatoes. There are two of the Tractor Ted favourite stories as well - come inside the factory to see how a real tractor is built with 'Build a Tractor' whilst Fudge takes the children to see the cute baby lambs being born in 'Lambing Time.'

all about tractors