The hit series of Tractor Ted films cover real life stories about farming and the countryside and have become a ‘must have’ in young children’s and parents lives!

"...Tractor Ted has saved my life!! I have 2 kids under 3 and I could never have made it this far without Tractor Ted! It is educational, charming and absolutely captivating; to children and adults alike!

It teaches about the farming year, the countryside and associated industries, animals (domestic, farm and wild,) plants and crops, crop rotation, insects, environmental responsibility including recycling and "the countryside code" and it chucks-in a ton of tractor and farm machinery footage!

We were given a Tractor Ted DVD on my sons 2nd birthday and I was sceptical as he didn't really watch TV, but I was wrong! It was an instant hit! Now he knows his seed drill from his power harrow and his Ayrshire cattle from his Friesians…” (Helen Wagstaff)

The Tractor Ted DVDs are a fun, educational introduction to life on a working farm for young children. Highly entertaining and informative and perfect for captivating young minds with the animated Tractor Ted cartoons combining with real life films of work on the farm including big machines, farm animals and seasons. 

Key Information

All our films are packed with real life machines in action. They have funny bits, songs to sing along to and many include farm animals too!

  • E: Exempt from classification
  • All DVDs are set to Pal Region 0