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Tractor Ted

All About Harvesters

Tractor Ted shows us lots of huge harvesters and we get to see the amazing work that they do harvesting food for us and for the farm animals, including crops such as sugar beet, potatoes and wheat.
Farmer Tom is busy on the farm, driving a tractor and trailer and helping to get in the maize. Luckily the children are there to save the farmer before he loses the grain from his harvester!
We even see a combine driving through the town, squeezing past lorries as it travels to its next field.
As usual, there’s plenty of music and interaction in the film, with Tractor Ted popping up on screen and narrating over the real-life footage. Children will enjoy singing along with the catchy songs, while learning about life in the countryside, and will love to watch the film again and again.

Title: All About Harvesters

Release date: 2017-09-15

Film length: 40 minutes