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Tractor Ted

All About Tractors

A show packed full of the things we like best – Tractors!
First up is a visit to a New Holland factory to see how a big blue tractor is actually made. Then a special transporter takes it off to the agricultural merchants while Tractor Ted’s friend, Les, shows us round his shiny new tractor. Poor Les, his day doesn’t end well when he finds a water leak and ends up getting very wet!
Children can see tractors at work doing all sorts of jobs like lifting, pushing and pulling and also one or two extremely smelly tasks that always make kids giggle!
Tractor Ted has plenty of interaction with the children, popping up on screen to narrate over the real-life action. He encourages counting, reading and singing along, so they pick up lots of great knowledge about farms and the countryside and love to watch the films again and again.

Title: All About Tractors

Release date: 2017-11-23

Film length: 36 Minutes