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Tractor Ted

Diggers & Dumpers

Tractor Ted takes us to see some amazing diggers and dumpers at work. In the quarry we see a huge explosion as a rock face is blasted, and then giant excavators load up all the pieces into dumpers. More diggers are at work down at the river, scooping up wet, slushy mud as they clear the banks. There’s even a very cool dumper truck that has caterpillar tracks!
Tractor Ted also meets his friend Digger Dave doing some lifting and clearing jobs with his JCB, and there’s a new “Diggers” song. And back on the farm, the children have a tricky job helping to catch the sheep!
There’s plenty of interaction in the video, with Tractor Ted popping up on screen to narrate over the real-life footage. He encourages counting, reading and singing along, so children pick up lots of great knowledge about farms and the countryside and love to watch the films again and again.

Title: Diggers & Dumpers

Release date: 2017-11-23

Film length: 40 minutes