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    Tractor Ted

    Down at the river

    Farmer Tom has to go and check the cows, who are in a field on the other side of a river. Watch as he drives his tractor right through the water – luckily it’s not too deep!
    See some of the animals that live near rivers and ponds, from shy frogs and water voles to the lively otters, who are brilliant swimmers.
    And there’s a massive crane in action down on the river bank, first lifting a floating platform down on to the water, and then putting an excavator on it.
    As usual, there’s plenty of music and interaction in the film, with Tractor Ted popping up on screen and narrating over the real-life footage. Children will enjoy singing along with the catchy songs, while learning about more animals that live in the countryside, and will love to watch the film again and again.

    Title: Down at the river

    Release date: 2017-11-23

    Film length: 38 minutes