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    Tractor Ted

    Massive Machines

    Come and meet some of the massive machines that work on the farm. We see tractors with huge wheels, tractors with giant caterpillar tracks, and a massive muck spreader with only one wheel at the front!

    Farmer Tom and Milly pick up Jack from his friend’s dairy farm where he’s been helping them feed milk to some baby calves. Les has been helping out as well, but gets a bit too near the water trough!

    As usual, there’s plenty of music and interaction in the film, including the catchy “Massive Machines” and “Farming” songs, with Tractor Ted popping up on screen and narrating over the real-life footage. Children will enjoy singing along while learning about life in the countryside, and will love to watch the film again and again.

    Title: Massive Machines

    Release date: 2017-07-21

    Film length: 37 minutes