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Tractor Ted

Mighty Maize Machine

Tractor Ted shows us some Mighty Maize Machines – the exciting farm machines used to grow and harvest the maize crop, then turn it into silage to use as food for the animals. We see a forage harvester unfolding its cutting arms and then getting straight to work in a field, and hear the “Amazing Maize” song.
We also visit two farms, one of which has a cow diary and the other a more unusual sheep dairy. Other mighty machines include feed wagons, rakes, mowers, and a big JCB digger.
Ted’s friend Les, the famous tractor driver on the Tractor Ted farm, starts to drive off without hooking up his trailer, but luckily the children are there to help jog his memory!
Tractor Ted has plenty of interaction with the children, popping up on screen to narrate over the real-life action and laughing when things don’t quite go according to plan! He encourages counting, reading and singing along, so they pick up lots of great knowledge about farms and the countryside and love to watch the films again and again.

Title: Mighty Maize Machine

Release date: 2017-11-23

Film length: 41 minutes