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Tractor Ted

More Big Machines

Tractor Ted discovers some more big machines – Pea Harvesters.
These enormous machines first need to be washed and checked by the drivers, then work all day and night to bring in the peas at just the right time, so that they’re sweet and tasty!

There’s a catchy new song about how yummy peas are, and it all gives young viewers a great insight into how much hard work goes into bringing peas to their plates.
Ted’s friend Les, the famous tractor driver on the Tractor Ted farm, has to help the children when they find that Fudge the dog has got stuck in a stable. And the action continues when we see how the fields are prepared with a giant plough and then how seeds are planted with a big seed drill.
A great combination of storytelling, music, adventure and discovery.
As usual, Tractor Ted has plenty of interaction with the children, popping up on screen to narrate over the real-life action. He encourages counting, reading and singing along, so they pick up lots of great knowledge about farms and the countryside and love to watch the films again and again.

Title: More Big Machines

Release date: 2017-11-23

Film length: 38 minutes