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From Farm to Fork

Ever wondered how our food gets to our plate? Ever faced with the the questions: why? how,? and when? from your little one at the kitchen table when introducing them to new foods? Then wonder no more as Tractor Ted introduces youngsters to where carrots come from in this new Tractor Ted story book, Munchy Crunchy!

Join Midge the dog to find out where carrots grow and how they’re harvested… you will even see the very big machine that chops off the leaves as the carrots come out of the ground!

The NEW Tractor Ted book series use story sequencing, repetition of vocabulary and concepts to support early language development. Tractor Ted books provide extension opportunities for new words and phrases and some use rhyme to help children develop awareness of speech sounds and patterns. Book sharing and good vocabulary development ensure children have the language skills they need before starting school.

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