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We've got loads of exciting activities that are FREE to download and enjoy with your children.
Simply click on any of the images below and open up a whole new world of Tractor Ted fun!

Teducation!  Engaging little minds to greater things.

Learning through entertainment (Teducation!) is at the very heart of what we do here at Tractor Ted.

We feel that our role is to gently introduce children (and often parents and grandparents too) to life on the farm in the UK, to where our food comes from and what big machines may be involved

The farming story, the seasons and the outdoors should be such an integral part of our lives and we just hope that this little bit of fun in our new, improved FunZone, will add those own special ingredients to your own life.

Simple yet fun stories, entertaining games and seasonal activities; Teducation at its very best

Happy Tractor Ted fans = Happy Parents = Happy Tractor Ted