Meets Baby Animals Book



Tractor Ted Meets Baby Animals Book .....

Join Tractor Ted as he meets baby animals on a real farm.  Full of brilliant pictures for children to enjoy and simple 'easy to understand' facts to learn.  Did you know that a piglet's nose is called a snout and that a duckling's webbed feet helps it to swim?

This 32 page soft back book which accompanies the DVD has stunning real like photography, easy to read text and some fun games for children to play. 

15 March 2015 by:Mrs R
Spring has sprung! What a terrific book full of vibrant pictures - the kids love it. My 3y.o is obsessed with it and proudly shows all visitors to the house the baby animals in the book, and confidently names them. Very informative as it goes through what the female/male of each animal is also called (a refresher for me also!!). A really sweet book and a great addition to our tractor ted collection.