Activity Book 2

Activity Book 2 follows the same fabulous formula for capturing children's inquisitive nature with 32 pages of bright, colourful photographs of life on the farm with interesting things to do from counting, colouring, cookery and games. Can be used again and again.  Great value.



By popular demand a second children's Activity Book. A bright, colourful softback book with 32 pages of clear, contemporary photographs of farm machinery and animals to count, match up, sort out and even recipes to cook from.  Plus colouring, opposites and odd one outs.

This isn't an activity book to scribble in and throw away.  It has sturdy pages and interesting photographs that children love to look at again and again.  The activities themselves can also be repeated so that children really gain confidence in counting, letter recognition and observational skills. And at £4.99 its incredibly good value and we know that it will be a best seller.

Just a heads up - Activity Book 2 was originally released as an Easter edition with extra themed pages.  This version is the same but without the Easter pages.

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