All About Tractors Book



Bestseller! 32 wonderful pages which is - you guessed it - All About Tractors!  Learn everything you need to know about the machines that small children love to watch working.  Pictures show all the different parts of a tractor from the inside of the cab to the hitching gear at the back.  They follow the story of how tractors have changed and what they do these days down on the farm.  This is a clever book that engages small children with the world around them and delivers lots of information along with being good fun.  Teachers like to use the Tractor Ted series of books and films about farm life for Early Years Foundation Stage.  Mums, Dads and Grandparents love them because they are fun to read with kiddies. 

Why not purchase the accompanying All About Tractors DVD with a visit to the Tractor factory to see the high tech machinery that puts together some of today's most advanced farm vehicles.  Then follow it on the low-loader to the farm where it begins the hard work that heavy horses would have done in the past. Hitched to different implements your children will be fascinated by the machines and learn how crops are cultivated, nurtured and harvested.  Plus they can see an assortment of different tractors, old, new, big, small.  They also see what happens when Les springs a leak and can sing along to the Tractor songs.  Best seller!

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