Big Machines Book

Big Machines Book



Tractor Ted takes you on a trip to the farm where some really big machines are at work to harvest the wheat and build a new barn to store the grain.  Machines include articulated haulers, excavators, cement mixers and many more... a BIG read for little people!  Inside these 32 pages are beautiful colour photographs showing modern machinery and up to date farming methods.  From the excitement of leafing through the big close ups of combine harvesters, tipping trailers, mixers, diggers and loaders, your children will be guided through the process of harvesting the wheat crop before storing it in an enormous barn before it goes to the millers.  To add to the excitement, the construction of one of East Anglia's biggest grain storage barns includes a host of fantastic big machinery and an insight into the careful storage of the crop to keep it safe for us to use in food. A book that captures little ones and fills them with useful knowledge that is part of the Early Years Foundation stage of the curriculum to engage with the world around them.  

Why not purchase the accompanying Big Machines and More Big Machines DVDs.  40 minutes of machinery heaven and a sure fire way to take some downtime while your littlies absorb lots of great information about modern day farm work.  There are nursery rhyme style songs to join in with and word recognition tasks that engage the kiddies.  Both are in Tractor Ted's Top Ten!

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