Autumntime Book

Autumntime Book



It's autumntime on the farm, one of the busiest seasons.  There are many big machines at work, including the potato harvester, apple harvester and forage harvester.  32 pages of wonderful photographs taken of the most modern machinery doing all the jobs that happen during the autumn season.  This children's book brings to life how many crops are ripe and ready to harvest at this time of year and how the ground for next year's crop is prepared and new seeds are sown.  For preschool children this book has a fascinating array of different farm machines and is a very popular title for any tractor lover.  

The back pages include extra games for the kids to do which reinforce interesting facts from the book.  One of four Tractor Ted titles about the seasons that are a popular buy for nursery schools and teachers since they cover many of the themes relating to the 'World around us' from the Early Years Foundation stage of the curriculum.    

Why not purchase the accompanying Autumntime DVD and you can watch and read.  

Beware!  Can be addictive - but hey you'll learn so much you didn't know before and can impress your friends over supper!

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