Summertime Book

Summertime Book



The sun is shining on the farm, and the first crops are ready to be harvested.  32 pages of wonderful colour photographs of the most modern agricultural machines at work with words from Tractor Ted that tell the story in his friendly, slightly cheeky way. There are pictures that show all the parts of a combine harvester and how the grain makes its way from standing in the field to being stored on the farm.  Then how the balers deal with the straw which gets used for the animals in the barn.  There are pictures that show how the hay is made for the animals and in the heat of the summer we see how the pigs use a clever way to cool down.  The book is a very engaging portrait of summer and beneath the story there are lots of interesting facts to learn from.  One of 4 books that cover all the seasons of the year.  Popular books with Nursery Schools and Playgroups as they cover large parts of the Early Years Foundation stages of the curriculum for pre-schoolers.

Why not purchase the accompanying Summertime DVD that has 40 minutes of real life action giving you a thorough tour of the work that goes on during the summer months.  Get the book and DVD to reinforce all the useful information to be learned from Tractor Ted and his friends on the farm.

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