Meets the Animals Book

Meets the Animals Book


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32 pages of brilliant colour photos of all sorts of farm animals with informative text from Tractor Ted explaining how animals are looked after, where they live and the proper names for babies, their parents and their homes.  See the pigs, cows and sheep and even all the machines used to help look after the animals including straw choppers, feed wagons and muck spreaders.

A great way to introduce preschoolers to accurate naming, capture their enthusiasm and channel it into discovering more about the importance of the countryside and where exactly the food on the supermarket shelf begins its life.  The final pages in the book have useful games to play which reinforce the facts found within the book.

Schools, nurseries and playgroups use Tractor Ted to introduce children to many elements found within the Early Years Foundation stage of the curriculum.  Part of the Tractor Ted series of 7 picture books and 4 activity books.  

Take a look at the accompanying DVD, Tractor Ted Meets the Animals by clicking here.  40 minutes of real life action that expands on the story told in the book and includes classic scenes of muck spreading and when Les the famous tractor driver star of the DVDs, forgets to shut the gate.

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