Mighty Maize Machine DVD

Mighty Maize Machine



Running Time: 40 mins E: Exempt from Classification

Preschool children are fascinated by the real life big farm machines in this 40 minute film introduced by their favourite animated character, Tractor Ted.  

The Mighty Maize Machines are what Tractor Ted calls all the exciting farm implements used to grow and harvest the maize crop and make into animal food as silage.  Ted visits two farms, one is a cow dairy and the other the more unusual sheep dairy.  It is a fascinating story that includes the regular fun and interaction with cartoon Ted as he describes the action on screen in his cheerful way, engaging children in songs, counting and laughing when things don't go according to plan. Other mighty machines include feed wagons, rakes, mowers, a big JCB digger and more. Les the famous tractor driver on the Tractor Ted Farm, forgets his trailer, luckily the children are there to help jog his memory.

Just right the combination of storytelling, adventure and discovery that every Tractor Ted film brings to the preschool audience.

THE ONE WITH Cow & Sheep Dairies/Forage Harvester/Les Forgets his Key/Harvesting Song

KIDS LOVE Helping Les/Meeting the Silage Team - they're green like Ted!/Tractor Counting

GROWN UPS LOVE Learning about Forage Harvesting

(All Tractor Ted DVD's are set to PAL region 0)

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