Tractor Ted FREE App

Hey! Guess what? I have my very own App for you to play on. It’s full of jigsaws, books, stickers, films and even a game!

Check out the details below and download now!

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Tractor Ted, real life farming fun!

Tractor Ted FREE App


  • A barn full of real life farm games with Tractor Ted! Have fun and learn lots!
  • Play for hours on this latest App with six activities using wonderful farm photography. Sing along to some of his greatest hits.
  • Five different jigsaws with beautiful countryside scenes, big tractors and cows. Four levels ranked Easy Peasy to Expert.
  • Stickers of three different farm scenes,
    • Drag your machines and animals into the countryside.
    • Enlarge them and rotate them.
    • Play the farm game and earn even more stickers!
  • Film shorts from four DVD titles. From Tractor Ted Big Machines to Tractor Ted Meets More Animals. Watch big modern machines at work, farm animals in the fields and the funny bits that happen when things go wrong with Les the Tractor Driver and Fudge the Dog.
  • Play the Farming Game. Choose your tractor. Hitch your plough. Plant your seeds. Harvest your crop. Win a new sticker when you’ve finished!
  • Play the farm sounds. Crowing cockerels to revving tractors. Eight to choose from.
  • Trust Ted to show your littlies the real world of farming the fun way.

Early Years Foundation Stage endorsed.

BEN FOGLE says: “Tractor Ted is a firm favourite in our house - a must have for boys and girls alike.”

CLARE BALDING says: “My nephew is obsessed with Tractor Ted. I am hugely impressed.”

Plus… NEW! Tractor Ted App Update - Version 1.1.0

What’s New

An even bigger barn full of fun with 6 additional puzzles (including Fudge the Dog) and 3 books!

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