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Tractor Ted World Of Farm Fun & Discovery!

Tractor Ted is a lovable children's story character who captivates, entertains and then educates with his exciting kids' stories of farm adventures. He does this in both Book and DVD formats using wonderful real life photographs and film. Ted will introduce them to lots of valuable knowledge about Animals, Seasons, Machines and Foods all in the context of highly engaging stories in picture books, DVD films, songs on CD and even fun and educational Animal and Tractor Games.

The films and books are a captivating combination of cartoon animation and real life action. With their friend the cartoon, Tractor Ted, children gain confidence about the countryside and build knowledge about good food and where it comes from.

Have a look at these Childrens Books and see them come to life in his range of Kids DVDs. They are the rare sort of production that parents and grand parents are happy for youngsters to watch again and again keeping them entertained for hours.

Ted also sells his own wonderful range of high quality Kids Outdoor Clothing for youngsters ranging from infants, like babies and toddlers, all the way up to 5 year olds. All his clothing is fantastic quality and of course conforms to the highest safety standards whilst being comfortable, practical and fun!

Being the playful and lovable little fellow that he is, it should come as no surprise that Tractor Ted stocks a wide selection of high quality Childrens Farmyard Toys including a Wooden Toy Tractor model of himself that is both durable and safe for even the youngest child. Ted, as you know, if you have watched his DVDs or read his books, is also very sociable and has lots of friends from Animals he finds around the Farm to other great big Machines that sometimes need repairing with this wonderful wooden replica Tool Set.

Happy and sociable Ted also loves a party! He hasn't got that beaming smile on his face just from watching tractors and diggers out in the fields all day long! He loves making little people smile too, and what better way than to have a farm themed party filled with farmyard fun!

So Ted has departments dedicated to party supplies such as special Party Bags full of products perfect for farm and outdoor themed parties. These include his very own party bag filled with Ted and farm themed balloons with stickers and lots more, perfect for 'going home presents'. There's also a Gift department supplying Unique Gifts for Kids to take to parties, from Childrens Rucksacks and Dining Sets to party bags containing Animal Masks too! No party is complete without Music CDs to play in the background.

Ted also organises his own events at big Country Houses and Estates including bouncy castles, ride-on tractors and diggers, meeting animals and all sorts of agricultural related activities that are great fun for both kids and parents alike but also in safe and secure environments. Have a look at Ted's Countryside Events and Farm Shows to find out about our next events and buy your tickets today!    

Phew! all this farmyard fun and fresh air is making Ted tired and ready for bed, so off to the bathroom for bit of fun filled washing and cleaning to prepare for Bed. With his own range of Bath Time Toys and bedroom accessories, and now he even has his own high quality matching Childrens Duvet Set.

The excitement never stops down on the farm: even when asleep the adventure continues with dreams of Animals, Machines, Seasons, Food and Fun!